The Villa

Villa Le Fontanelle, just a few steps from the center of Florence, offers seven charming suites and rooms to spend an unforgettable stay. In the gardens and halls, you will enter a luxury oasis. But the dwelling offers even a family atmosphere that will conquer you.

Thanks to its location in the Florentine hills, it offers an enchanting view of the city. All around, you can visit the Medici Villa Petraia, Villa Careggi, Villa Reale, and Villa Corsini. In a few minutes by car, you can reach museums, art galleries, and monuments in the heart of Florence.

The history of Villa Le Fontanelle

The dwelling in the past was a small farm. It was granted by Cosimo de Medici to Marsilio Ficino to translate the Platonic Codes. So, it was here that Ficino, an illustrious member of Florentine humanism, began to translate Plato. Moreover, he established here the Platonic Academy, symbolized by the mermaid placed inside the marble pool in the Italian garden.

John Francis Slone gave Villa Le Fontanelle its current facade. He changed the design of the garden, too. Today Villa Le Fontanelle is a 4-star hotel in Florence where you can live a relaxing stay.

The spaces of Villa Le Fontanelle

The Fortino

The particular structure of the Fortino, which is outside the rest of the historic house, makes it the most intimate and sought-after place of Villa Le Fontanelle.

In this space, you can forget everything outside and immerse yourself in an atmosphere where time seems to have stopped. Here you will find a place to relax and nourish your mind, dedicating yourself to activities such as reading, meditation, writing, or listening to good music.

The Chapel

This intimate place of prayer is in the garden of Villa Le Fontanelle. At its side welcomes the bell tower, which retains its original bell, in the shade of secular oaks. The Chapel can host blessings.

The inner space shows mosaics that color the walls. The ceiling is a starry sky overlooking the majestic marble altar. The blown glass windows allow the passage of the sunny rays that illuminate the entire interior. From the glass, you can admire a view of the countryside outside.

The Garden

The “Romantic Garden” in the nineteenth-century style of Villa Le Fontanelle welcomes over 30,000 plants of various types. Walking through its paths, you will discover the Parterre de Bouville and the Italian garden with the pond inside.
Upstairs you will find the elegant and well-kept collection of roses, hydrangeas, and peonies, immersed in the harmony of the surrounding environment.

All around, the Tuscan countryside and unspoiled nature will give you unique moments and an enchanting view of Florence.

The Pool

In the upper part of the residence, you will find a swimming pool with deck chairs, sunbeds, and umbrellas where you can relax and sunbathe. The opera was designed and built by Pietro Porcinai, one of the greatest landscape architects of the last century. All around, there is only peaceful nature.

Next to the pool, you can also relax on the sun terrace.

The Greenhouse

This charming winter garden is inside an old iron greenhouse, restored and treated in detail. Today it is a modern relaxation area, equipped with all comforts, where you can enjoy moments of quiet.

Here, you will find the right atmosphere for reading a good book. The sunlight, which penetrates the greenhouse, illuminates the environment. This atmosphere gives life to a corner of paradise on earth.

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